Monday, June 20, 2011

Growing like weeds

     At two weeks old these little turkeys were so cute, just beginning to get their feathers. Handling them, and playing with them is fun too. With these wings these little two week old poults can get enough lift to raise them almost two feet in the air!

    When they were three weeks old the weather permit them to spend their first few hours outside in the sun. One was extremely curious as to what everything was around him, and the other seemed to be scared and cautious. Later, it turns out one was male and one was female, any guesses which showed what trait?

    They are so fun to watch. One of their favorite treats is mealworms, they will go absolutely nuts if they think they are going to get some. 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The poultry investment.

A few months ago I purchased some baby chicks at my local feed store. After a few weeks I had began to think of the possibilities of raising chicken and turkey for food - both eggs and meat.

 I ended up buying two Bourbon Red turkey poults about a week later, with plans of one or both being served for Thanksgiving. As horrible as it sounds, I feel I should voice my thoughts about this. MOST turkey you buy in from a store lived a life along the lines of miserable. Do you think miserable animals make for good food? Also, the turkey you buy from a store is from the mutant breed of Broad Breasted White turkeys. These birds become too large for their legs to carry them, and often times have other organ problems from growing faster than their body can handle. That is terrible! Not what I am doing.

Week old Bourbon Red turkey poult.
 At a week old they are so adorable, and they are quite curious too! I got pecked in the eye by one! No harm done thankfully.